See what your Power Bill will look like by 2022.

With the cost increase of Muskrat Falls from 7.4 Billion to 12.7 Billion, each individual living here will soon feel the pinch when it comes to their monthly electric bill. This easy to use calculator will show how much your monthly bill will increase by 2022 when Muskrat Falls is in full swing. The numbers used to calculate your future bill are as follows: your current bill with taxes, the 1st Jan 2017 electrical rate of 9.719 cents kwh, the future projected electrical rate of 20.266 cents kwh and the tax rate of 15%. This is not 100% accurate but it should give you a very good idea of what you could expect to pay by 2022.


Put in your Monthly Electric Bill Cost (With Tax)


Your New Monthly Electric Bill Cost in 2022 (With Taxes)